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05-04-2010 "Little League Lineup" v1.040 published
12-18-2009 "THE Wars Calculator" v1.061 is now available
12-12-2009 "THE Wars Calculator" v1.060 is now available
07-13-2009 "THE Wars Calculator" v1.050 is now available
06-15-2009 "THE Wars Calculator" v1.040 is now available
05-16-2009 "THE Wars Calculator" v1.030 is now available
05-03-2009 "Little League Lineup" v1.030 published
04-20-2009 "THE Wars Calculator" v1.020 is now available
04-17-2009 "THE Wars Calculator" v1.020 (coming soon)
04-09-2009 "Little League Lineup" v1.010 published
04-06-2009 "Little League Lineup" Spreadsheet is now available
04-02-2009 "THE Wars Calculator" v1.011 is now available




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